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The universal solution for quick and easy fixation

Flexible uses from head to toe: Hospifix® tubular bandages.

Whether as an underwrap under casts, for fixation of wound dressings or to protect bandages – Hospifix® products from KOB always provide the right solution. Their wide  range of sizes and numerous features mean that they have multifunctional uses. At the same time, their ease of application saves time for users.
This makes Hospifix® tubular bandages a cost-effective all-rounder.

KOB is expanding its product range with the new Hospifix® Bi-elastic 911!
Its bi-elasticity makes it suitable for difficult and conical body parts. The coloured centre lines make it very easy to identify each of the five sizes. Hospifix® Bi-elastic 911 is  washable at 60°C, making it a highly economical tubular bandage.

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