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Cooperation characterized by

1. openness, appreciation and respect

2. liability and trust

3. leading by example

4. team success

5. striving for excellence

6. courage to change

7. initiative and responsibility

KOB belongs to the best employers in the SME sector!

Joining KOB

KOB has won awards for the quality of training it provides. It also offers a wide range of options for students entering the workforce.

In addition to communicating specific expertise, a strong focus is also put on interdisciplinary skills. A systematic induction process guarantees all new members of staff an excellent start in the working world of KOB.

Benefits for our employees: 

  • Attractive salary
  • Special annual payments
  • Canteen
  • Corporate benefits
  • JobRad
  • Company pension scheme 
  • Company medical provision
  • Capital-forming benefits
  • Discount at the Wolfstein fitness studio
  • Flexible working time account
  • 30 days holiday per year

What does KOB do?

KOB has been an expert in elastic textiles based in Wolfstein for over 120 years. In its core business of medical products, KOB is a leading international B2B supplier of elastic medical bandages and fabrics for medical and pharmaceutical companies. 
KOB products have a wide range of applications in various medical fields. In phlebology and lymphology, they are used as compression bandages. In sports medicine and orthopaedics, they are used as support and relief bandages. KOB products are also used as fixation bandages and are used in the manufacture of plasters for wound care. They are also used as textile carriers for pharmaceutical applications, in particular as active ingredient plasters. 

Applying to KOB - this is how it works

In this guide, we explain step by step how you can apply for a job at KOB. 

Find out how to find the right job advert, create a user account and submit your application. Start your career with the pioneer in medical textiles in the district of Kusel!