Cutting-edge manufacturing based on more than 120 years of experience

KOB’s expertise is built on strong foundations – on well-qualified staff, both today and in the future;
on full-range manufacturing with continually optimised production processes and facilities that include
Europe’s most modern spinning facility and largest doubling mill; and on the use of carefully selected
raw materials to make products that can be manufactured with flexibility and tailored to customers’ own requirements.

In doing so, we maintain international quality standards both for large-scale orders and for small-scale, customer-specific innovations.


Over many decades, well-qualified textiles experts have continued to acquire and build on the knowledge of the methods, processes and materials required for the development and manufacture of specialist medical textiles.


Carefully chosen materials guarantee the high standards we have in terms of product quality. Long-term supplier relationships ensure strict controls and guarantee a stable level of quality for our products.


Production technology

Cutting-edge manufacturing technology at our German and Indian facilities guarantees the international quality standard Managed in Germany. It also ensures efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


KOB works together closely with customers, users and opinion leaders including partnerships with hospitals, research projects with institutes as well as mutual development projects with customers.