Smart medical textiles

Intelligent textiles for the healthcare of tomorrow

Fully integrated textile production is the ideal prerequisite for manufacturing smart medical textiles. We have been manufacturing bandages and fabrics with different material constructions and properties for many years. In addition, we now develop specific textiles that can be combined with electronic components or supplemented with innovative yarns to create textiles that will transform the medical care of tomorrow. KOB set up its own team of experts at an early stage as well as developing initial client-specific smart solutions and becoming involved with international research projects.  

Smart textiles such as these continuously measure results, act or react when required, and send and receive information wirelessly.

Smart textiles 

  • monitor wounds,
  • generate heat,
  • control compression pressure and
  • monitor heart and respiratory rates.

There is no question that in future these textiles will take their place in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases. Will you be joining us?

KOB is the right point of contact for your ideas and goals in the smart textile sector. From project development to the finished product, we support you with our expertise and our broad manufacturing competence.

We offer

  • fully integrated production including process control,
  • an international network of key opinion leaders and cooperation partners,
  • our own Smart Textile laboratory with comprehensive research and testing facilities.

We are

  • project partners in three international research projects
  • a member of the IEC/TC 124 Wearable Electronic Devices and Technologies 
  • DIN EN ISO 13485 certified


Wound monitoring

Support for compression therapy

Control of body temperature

Fixation of electronic devices


Adhesive pocket solution for fixation of electronics

Client project: Epionics SPINE

Helps doctors and therapists with diagnosing back disorders as well as initiating suitable therapeutic measures

  • Adhesive, skin-friendly textile tube to fix electronic instruments onto the back
  • The integrated electronics continuously monitor and evaluate functional disorders for up to 48 hours
  • Launched by Epionics in 2015

Sensors in compression therapy

Development project

To support nursing staff in the correct application of compression dressings 

  • Integration of client-specific sensors in medical textiles
  • Collection of various therapy-relevant parameters
  • Full integration of the sensors in all conventional compression bandages is possible

App-controlled heating bandage

Development project

Option for heat therapy, for example, in rheumatic diseases

  • Imperceptible heating elements and sensors integrated into the textiles
  • Wireless control of the heating effect using mobile devices
  • Heating function up to 42°C
  • Broad range of customer-specific adaptations

Patches for monitoring wound healing

Research project: ULIMPIA – Smart body patches

Permanent monitoring of chronic wounds

Monitoring during compression therapy

Research project: THERAFOLG-KOMP

Developement of textile sensors for monitoring the therapy progress/success when curing Edema

Monitoring of premature infants

Research project: PreeMo

Early detection of electrolyte disorders

  • Non-invasive, continuous monitoring using small wearable patches
  • Wireless communication with the evaluation unit


Sina Borczyk, M.Sc.

Team Leader Smart Medical Textiles


Johanna Katharina Plenkmann, M.Sc.

Smart Medical Textiles Specialist



Joana Schiller, M.Sc.

Electronic Engineering Specialist


Ferdinand Tamoué, M.Sc.

Innovation Manager Compression Therapy