KOB Casino

The KOB canteen in Wolfstein: a wide variety of fresh cuisine for staff, guests and other visitors

The KOB Casino is much more than just a canteen serving KOB employees with high-quality food:

it also welcomes guests from across our region as well as KOB’s national and international customers.

Head chef Timo Kauf and his team would also be very happy to treat you to some fresh and healthy dishes which, incidentally, are also very good value for money. 
The dishes served range from hearty, no-frills local cuisine to international specialities. KOB staff also ensure a little extra variety in the food themselves, as they get to submit requests for the menu!

The KOB Casino also offers seasonal specials such as fresh asparagus dishes and themed weeks, as well as the opportunity to take cookery lessons.

‘My philosophy: turn fresh, high-quality ingredients into something delicious and healthy! We do not add any flavour enhancers to our food. And you can taste the difference!’


Timo Kauf – head chef at the KOB Casino

Timo Kauf has worked in a number of high-quality establishments and most recently managed the restaurant Zur Wasserburg in Reipoltskirchen.

KOB Casino menu

Our canteen offers a choice between two tasty set menus each day, which you can supplement with a choice of side dishes of the day, as well as salad, vegetables and/or a dessert. 
There is also a different vegetarian dish on offer each day, plus a generous salad bar and popular ‘quick eats’ such as hot dogs and burgers.

Opening times and parking

The KOB Casino opens at 7.30 every morning, giving guests the chance to purchase delicious filled rolls for breakfast – the scrambled egg and smoked salmon rolls come highly recommended!
The KOB Casino is open until 1 p.m. for lunch – ideal for visitors to the factory shop or guests who have found a parking space in front of the KOB Casino for a quick lunch break.

If you have any questions about the KOB Casino, please phone 
+49 (0)63 0474 312