Being the "Pioneer in Medical Textiles"

The development and manufacturing of innovative bandages and fabrics together with and for our customers is our strength – and has been for 120 years. Today our customers sell these medical devices under their names across the whole world.  Adapted for the needs of markets and people.

What unites all KOB products is the synergy of cost effectiveness, user friendliness and therapy success.

165 million

bandages per year

97 million m2

special textiles per year


years of development experience

Our product range is characterised by its width and depth. It includes 140 bandages and fabrics. If we add the various lengths, widths, finishes and colours, we offer more than 2280 articles. This includes established standard products as well as articles with complex features. They are used, for example, as compression dressings in phlebology & lymphology, as support and relief dressings in sports medicine & orthopaedics, as fixation dressings and as fabric for patches for wound care as well as textile carriers.

From the fibre to the finished product – everything under one roof

After watching our video, you wonder how big is the area of a soccer field?
We have the answer: 7140 sqm

KOB evaluates the effects of new activities, products, technologies and processes before they are introduced. The aim is to save resources such as raw materials, energy and water by means of environmentally friendly processes and technologies.

KOB integrates all employees in its ongoing endeavours to improve its internal standards. Staff are informed about the energy, environmental and safety criteria relevant to their area, trained in focused professional development programmes and motivated to act responsibly.

KOB is quality leader in the field of bandages and solutions for phlebology and lymphology

  • Product range of single bandages, zinc paste bandages and multilayer systems
  • Integration of findings for an innovative compression therapy

KOB is global market leader in latex-free coated cohesive and adhesive bandages

  • Innovative latex-free coated bandages with additional benefits such as a cooling effect


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