Production site Germany

The heart of the company: production

KOB production standards:

  • Capacities for all orders and the equivalent quantities
  • Timely delivery guaranteed by a modern forecasting and an established logistics system
  • Fully integrated production according to certified standards  
  • International production sites for the economic production of various product ranges
  • The latest in production technology at all manufacturing sites
  • Worldwide „managed in Germany”
  • Experienced long-term employees with extensive textile and production know-how
  • Applied knowledge and idea management

Production of

  • Wide and ribbon-woven elastic bandages
  • Wide and ribbon-woven fabrics
  • Wide and ribbon-knitted medical textiles
  • Cohesive bandages
  • Zinc paste bandages

The most modern spinning mill in Europe

For the fast and reliable processing of raw materials

A high-tech and high-performing doubling mill

Our competence in surface generation

Equipment and coating

For product-specific features

From packaging to assembly

For the customised presentation