The pioneer in medical textiles for more than 115 years

Karl Otto Braun founded his company in Wolfstein, Germany, in 1903, and it quickly became a success selling elastic bandages.

In the 1930s, KOB began collaborating with customers to work on product developments to meet their specific needs. KOB has been in fully integrated production since 1953, combining and optimising the entire process chain in-house.

The production of cohesive conforming bandages began in 1978 and has since set a standard in this field.

Today the comprehensive KOB range includes bandages and fabrics for phlebology & lymphology, sports medicine and orthopaedics, wound care and transdermal carriers, which are partially produced in Wolfstein and partially in the plant founded in 1998 in Coimbatore, India

Sales offices have been established in the USA and Japan to support further international growth.

KOB has also been Europe’s technology leader in trench-less pipe repairs since 1997. Thanks to the innovative BRAWOLINER procedure, pipe systems on private and commercial properties as well as in industrial plants can be repaired.

KOB has belonged to the HARTMANN GROUP since 2000.

In 2016, KOB took over the company Sprayliner and completed its range of products and services as a system supplier.


Karl Otto Braun

Foundation by Karl Otto Braun



the entire process chain in-house



Development of the pipeline solution BRAWOLINER®


KOB India

Formation of KOBs production site in India



Takeover by HARTMANN AG



Formation of KOBs sales office in USA


KOB Japan KK

Formation of KOBs sales office in Japan


1903 - Foundation by Karl Otto Braun

He founded the company in Wolfstein in the Palatine region of Germany and led it to success.  

1953 - The entire process chain moves in-house

Early on KOB produces bandages and fabrics from fiber to finished product and delivers it in customer packaging.


In addition to the existing production and distribution sites in Germany and India, KOB opens sales offices in USA and Japan.