Rapidelast® Cohesive 180

Thin cohesive fixation bandage with light support

Rapidelast® Cohesive 180 is suitable for fixation of primary and secondary dressings, splints, casts, padding materials, catheters and cannulas. It can also be used on joints as well as on conical and rounded parts of the body.

It serves to stabilise muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints and has a light immobilisation effect.

Rapidelast® Cohesive 180 can also be used for skin protection as the first layer under adhesive dressings.


Stretched lengthWidth
4 m4/6/8/10/12 cm
20 m6/8/10/12 cm

Material composition

Approx. 40% cotton

60% polyamide


Approx. 110%


Synthetic polymer




  • Beginning of bandage very easy to find
  • Cohesive - Bandage adheres to itself, not to skin, hair or clothing
  • Very good moulding properties
  • Layers do not slip
  • No additional fixation necessary
  • Dressing very easy to remove

Intended use

Elastic cohesive fixation bandage to be used on intact skin (medical device)

  • Medical Device

  • Unique Device Identification

  • Manufacturer

  • Catalogue Number

  • Batch code

  • Use-by date

  • CE marking

  • Green dot mark

  • Tidyman

  • Keep dry

  • Keep away from sunlight

  • Single use only

  • Upper temperature limit 30°C