VisioCompress2® Lite

Multi-Layer system with reduced compression pressure

The VisioCompress2® Lite (Padding bandage 754 / Nowopress® Soft 755) can be used for long-term compression therapy where a reduced level of compression (ABPI 0.6-0.8) is required, as well as for patients who cannot tolerate full compression, or as part of a step-up approach for the treatment of:
• Mixed-aetiology (arterial-venous) leg ulcers
• Chronic venous diseases (e.g. venous leg ulcers)
• Thromboembolic venous diseases 
• Oedemas (e.g. lymphoedema)
• Other indications


Padding bandage 754

Stretched lengthWidth
6.5 m10 cm

Nowopress® 755

Stretched lengthWidth
8.2 m10 cm

Material Composition

Approx. 92% polyester, 8% elastane (754)

Approx. 85% polypropylene, 15% elastane (755)


Approx. 60% (754)

Approx. 150% (755)


Latex-free coating – synthetic polymer, coated on one side (754)

Latex-free coating – synthetic polymer (755)


White with indicator (754)

Brown with indicator (755)

Application video (YouTube)



  • Indicator on both layers for easy application
  • Non-slip
  • Tearable by hand
  • High wearing comfort
  • Absorbent
  • Can be perfectly adapted to the shape of the leg

Intended use

Multi-layer compression system to be used on intact skin (medical device)


If, while using this product, you have any reason to assume that a serious adverse event has occurred, please report this to the manufacturer and to your national authority.



Please follow the instructions for use!
2-component compression system with reduced compression pressure

  • Disposal instructions for packaging

  • Medical Device

  • Unique Device Identification

  • Manufacturer

  • Catalogue Number

  • Batch code

  • Use-by date

  • CE marking

  • Consult instructions for use

  • Keep dry

  • Keep away from sunlight

  • Single use only

  • Upper temperature limit 25°C