Nowopress® 751

Cohesive long-stretch compression bandage

Nowopress® 751 can be used for the treatment of chronic venous diseases and thromboembolic venous diseases as well as oedemas or other phlebological indications.

Moreover, it can be used as a support and relief bandage in musculoskeletal injuries.


Unstretched lengthWidth
3 m7 cm
3.5 m10 cm

Material Composition

Approx. 84% polypropylene

16% elastane


Approx. 120%


Latex-free coating – synthetic polymer





  • Easy to apply
  • Tearable
  • Air-permeable
  • Cohesive - Bandage adheres to itself, not to skin, hair or clothing
  • Very skin-friendly
  • Corresponds to LPPR Standard (la liste des produits et presentations remboursables) Cat. V19, restraining force 1 

Intended use

Cohesive long-stretch compression bandage to be used on intact skin (medical device)


If, while using this product, you have any reason to assume that a serious event has occurred, please report the event to the manufacturer and your national authority.



Please follow the instructions for use!
Instruction for use cohesive long-stretch compression bandage

  • Disposal instructions for packaging

  • Medical Device

  • Unique Device Identification

  • Manufacturer

  • Catalogue Number

  • Batch code

  • Use-by date

  • CE marking

  • Consult instructions for use

  • Keep dry

  • Keep away from sunlight

  • Single use only

  • Upper temperature limit 25°C