Being the Pioneer in Medical Textiles

KOB leads the global market for special medical textiles thanks to its textile technology expertise and the superior quality of its products.

Its customer-oriented and competetive products are the result of long-term customer relations with the biggest brand suppliers in the industry. It is the aim of KOBs experts and their extensive knowledge and experience.

KOB offers its customers a flexible and competitive range of products for use in sports medicine and orthopaedics, phlebology and lymphology, woundcare and pharma.

The products and solutions are systematically tailored to the needs of users and patients.

Quality leader in the field of bandages and solutions for phlebology and lymphology

  • Product range of single bandages, zinc paste bandages and multilayer systems
  • Market leadership in the UK,
    the home of multilayer compression bandages
  • Integration of findings for an innovative compression therapy

Global market leader in latex-free coated cohesive and adhesive bandages

  • Integration of adhesive coating technology
  • Innovative latex-free coated bandages with additional benefits such as a cooling effect

Innovation strength in the field of textile-based solutions for transdermal therapy

  • Established manufacturer of textiles for the pharmaceutical industry

KOB evaluates the effects of new activities, products, technologies and processes before they are introduced. The aim is to save resources such as raw materials, energy and water by means of environmentally friendly processes and technologies.

KOB integrates all employees in its ongoing endeavours to improve its internal standards. Staff are informed about the energy, environmental and safety criteria relevant to their area, trained in focused professional development programmes and motivated to act responsibly.

KOB regularly evaluates the management system as well as the technical and organisational processes and methods in order to identify weaknesses and take steps to prevent or improve them.

KOB conducts an open dialogue on HSE-relevant subjects with any interested parties, customers and public authorities. We encourage our business partners to apply similar policies and to campaign for sustainability.


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