Start of the Medical Training Programme of KOB and the International Compression Club (ICC) in India


Phlebological and lymphological clinical pictures are increasing worldwide. This increases the need for effective compression therapy methods. Studies show that the correct application of effective compression bandages proves to be problematic, even in countries with highly developed health care systems. Although demand is growing in the so-called emerging markets such as India, there is an almost complete lack of application expertise. To provide support here, KOB has developed a Medical Training Programme together with the International Compression Club (ICC). The training is intended to provide information on modern compression methods, to teach their correct application and to build up and expand the competence of users.

KOB has joined forces with the independent International Compression Club (ICC) as a partner for its sponsoring programme. To create ideal surroundings, the first compression workshop was integrated into India's second largest phlebological congress, the VAICON (Venous Association of India Conference). The workshop was held at the private Apollo Clinic, the largest hospital chain in India, in Hyderabad.

The workshop in January, which was attended by over 100 physicians and nurses, consisted of a theoretical and a practical part. During the morning session, the participants gained basic knowledge about phlebological and lymphological clinical pictures, therapy methods, indications and contraindications as well as the materials for compression therapy such as bandages and multilayer systems. The speakers were renowned members and compression experts of the ICC from Belgium, UK, USA, France and Italy under the chairmanship of the current President of the ICC, Dr. Giovanni Mosti.

In the afternoon practical session, the participants learned the correct application of compression products such as short-stretch and long-stretch bandages or multilayer systems under the guidance of experts and physicians.

The Medical Training Programme is designed as a train-the-trainer concept. The participants qualified in the workshop received a training certificate from the ICC to train nursing staff in practices and clinics as a next step. Follow-up workshops for nurses also form part of the concept.

Further workshops in Japan and China are currently in preparation.