Fifty years of Roselastic® 530


In 1968, KOB developed the first elastic short-stretch bandage for compression therapy. It was given the name Roselastic®, which it is sold under internationally, and is still produced in almost exactly the same way to this day.

Despite being 50 years of age, the Roselastic® 530 still provides high customer satisfaction throughout the world. As a short-stretch bandage, it remains state of the art due to its therapeutic efficacy and high wearing comfort.

Thanks to its high stiffness (SSI)*, Roselastic® can be used for a wide range of applications in Phlebology and Lymphology.

Compression dressings with short-stretch bandage such as Roselastic® 530 have low resting pressure and high working pressure, making them particularly suitable for mobile patients.

Roselastic® 530 is still made at the production facility in Wolfstein, Germany. Over 7.7 million units were produced in 2017. Demand for this classic product has grown steadily, rising by over 65% in the last fifteen years.

* Source: Study on SSI measurements by Professor Partsch (August 2009) based on the consensus document of the ICC and release by the UIP (Partsch et al., Classification of Compression Bandages: Practical Aspects, published by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 2008; 34:600–609)

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