Research and information from KOB experts on the future and safety of compression therapy


Therapy with compression dressings is the treatment of choice for venous problems, particularly in acute stages. The success of the therapy depends crucially on the achievement of the required compression pressure. But how does the compression pressure have to be measured to be of reliable validity?

KOB experts are conducting research and development based on questions like this in their efforts to make compression therapy even safer and more efficient in future. They present their insights in numerous lectures. Most recently, Ferdinand Tamoué, innovator for the Phlebology & Lymphology range at KOB, presented a lecture on the topic of "Measuring compression pressure using two different methods" at the ICC sessions during EWMA 2019 in Gothenburg.
The conclusion: "The classification of the pressure of compression bandages is most reliable under laboratory conditions. The results of the measurements on one person cannot be transferred to other patients. This means that the details of the compression pressure, which were formerly based on the generally valid stiffness index (in vivo), would have to be supplemented by new measurement methods in order to allow reliable comparisons of materials."

If you are interested in receiving detailed information on the results of the investigation into the methods of measuring the compression pressure, please contact Ferdinand Tamoué.