KOB at the ARAB HEALTH 2019 in Dubai


The importance of ARAB HEALTH continues to grow. What started as a small congress, is today the world's second largest trade fair for the healthcare sector. This year it recorded more than 4,200 exhibitors and 103,000 delegates from over 150 countries.


KOB is exhibiting at ARAB HEALTH with its own stand for the fifth time now to establish and expand business relations in the region. Visitors to the KOB stand not only come from the Middle East, but also from Asia, Africa and South America.


The central topics and challenges of the region became clear during the trade fair as well as during discussions with customers:

The demand for premium-quality medical textiles for private medical facilities is growing, as is the demand for basic products for public health care, which are supplied via tenders. There is also great interest in products for acute wound care as part of emergency medicine and disaster control.

Other key issues are the worldwide increase in regulatory requirements and regional import restrictions. The latter results in an increasing demand for semi-finished products which are finally packaged in the country of sale.

Due to the extensive KOB portfolio, the team at the stand was able to respond to the different needs of the trade fair delegates. KOB's colourful eye-catcher received the most attention among the products showcased on the stand. Manuel Jung, Key Account Manager at KOB: "While KOB bandages such as the versatile Nowopress® soft 755 were very popular as coloured support and fixation bandages, compression therapy is still in its infancy in many countries in the region. Here we expect to see a boost in both education and demand over the next few years."

This is why KOB is also planning to participate at the ARAB HEALTH trade fair in 2020. Furthermore, the trade fair will also follow a new concept next year. The exhibition space will no longer be allocated according to the countries of origin of the exhibitors, but according to product groups to make it easier for the trade fair delegates to search for specific products and suppliers.