The future is smart - with medical textiles from KOB


The increasing digitalisation of social life offers opportunities for a completely digitally supported supply chain, which can ensure significant improvements in treatment of patients.

In the light of this, in 2018 KOB established a Smart Medical Textiles Team, which is working on the integration of sensory solutions in bandages and fabrics with customers and research projects in international partnerships.  We would like to present a brief summary of two research projects:


In the ULIMPIA project sensor yarns are integrated into a textile carrier material. When processed into a plaster, they can record the temperature, pH and moisture of a wound and transmit them wirelessly. The continuous sensor-based wound monitoring can give an early indication of potential complications, particularly with chronic wounds.



The objective of the THERAFOLG-KOMP project is to develop a system that uses textile sensors to enable the success of compression therapy to be measured and to make the results visible and useful for patients, doctors and manufacturers of medical devices. Acceptance of treatment should be improved by digital feedback of the success of the therapy.


KOB is a manufacturer of medical devices and medical textiles certified under ISO 13485.

If you are interested in the smart developments at KOB please contact Dr.-Ing. Marcin Meyer (marcin.meyer(at)

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