Work for the world leader

KOB is a global player with regional roots

Joining KOB

KOB has won awards for the quality of training it provides. It also offers a wide range of options for students entering the workforce.

In addition to communicating specific expertise, a strong focus is also put on interdisciplinary skills. A systematic induction process guarantees all new members of staff an excellent start in the working world of KOB.

KOB as an organisation

KOB is a global player with regional roots.

As a subsidiary of the HARTMANN Group, KOB is active around the world, with fully integrated production processes.

The workplace culture at KOB

KOB is characterised by its value-based corporate culture, which prizes reliability, excellence and inspiration. 

HR policies that are based on different life stages, corporate health management and exceptional opportunities for personal development and qualifications illustrate the responsibility the company feels towards each individual member of staff.

"I have always found the onboarding process at KOB professional and well structured. Every employee receives a friendly welcome and is supported individually.”  

Philipp Creutz

Manager Plant Controlling

"KOB offers me a dynamic and varied working day in a family atmosphere."


Laura Urbassek

Process- & Projectmanagement Specialist

 “I think it’s great that KOB shows an interest in its employees by providing a variety of individual offers.”

Ferdinand Tamoué

Innovation Manager Phlebology & Lymphology