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KOB has an excellent training model and has won the TOP JOB award multiple times. We offer the best conditions for your career to reach its full potential!

Our strategy of investing in highly competent new talent pays off in the long term – and not just for KOB as a company.

Our career starters – who arrive at KOB with a variety of prerequisites and ideas for the future – can use our training programmes to unlock promising prospects.


In 2013, KOB won the Hermann Schmidt Prize for its innovative qualification model for technical and industrial instructors. 

With its innovative training model, KOB won second place in the 2005 Ausbildungs-Ass (training ace) competition in the category for industry, trade and services. 


I think it’s great that it’s so easy to get started at KOB. On the one hand, you get fantastic support from mentors who take the time to welcome you to KOB even before you get there, invite you to a taster day and are always available to offer advice and guidance. On the other hand, the orientation week is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow trainees and feel instantly good about your future at KOB.

Brian Usner - industrial sales representative who has been in training at KOB since 2016

The KOB career spectrum:

What courses of training does KOB offer for careers in the commercial field and the technical and industrial field?

What courses of study are available, and in cooperation with which universities?

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Trainees: ‘We report on our training!’

Even before training begins, the new recruits join the KOB training team: through the trainee mentor scheme, every new KOB trainee has a point of contact as soon as they are accepted onto the programme, and they have an opportunity to get a taste of the company in advance. It’s our way of saying ‘Welcome!’

To make the first days at KOB a little easier, all new trainees take part in a one-week orientation seminar. They get to know their fellow trainees and the instructors in a somewhat different atmosphere outside of the company.

KOB thinks it’s important to learn in different environments. You can find out more on this page.

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‘When it comes to implementing process-oriented training models, KOB is a pioneer: its methodological, science-based training model, which was developed in collaboration with the University of Kaiserslautern, has proven to be useful and effective for the company and will now be implemented throughout Germany.’ 

Christiane Reuter project manager at the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BiBB)