Wound Care

The right fabric for every care situation

For more than 90 years KOB has been manufacturing a widespread portfolio of surface-finished, sideways- and/or lengthwise-elastic fabrics tailored to the specific requirements, processes and lines of our customers converting those into wound and ointment dressings, primary wound dressings and band aids used in clinics, practices or daily life.
Cohesive and non-cohesive fixation bandages as well as tubular bandages used for the fixation of wound dressings, cannulae, catheters or also for dressing protection of multi-layer systems in the scope of Phlebology and Lymphology supplement the portfolio.

Reliable solutions that help to heal

  • Carrier fabric, as individual as your needs and variable in material composition, elasticity, water vapor permeability and color.
  • Varied fixation bandages for clinic, nursing, practice and everyday life.
  • High quality products made and managed in Germany - tailored to your needs, also in economic terms.

Wound Care fabrics

KOB fabrics are part of our customers´ wound care products all over the world. We have grown in line with market requirements and produce more than five million square metres of first aid fabrics per year.


Fixation bandagegs

Cohesive or elastic, smooth-surfaced or structured, white or coloured - KOB offers a widespread portfolio of fixation bandages covering a broad range of applications with both standard and premium qualities. 

Tubular ready-to-use-bandages

  • Economic products in convincing quality
  • Versatile in application
  • Soft feel, optimum wearing comfort



  • 007

    Sideways elastic fabric

  • 008

    Sideways elastic fabric

  • 016

    Sideways elastic fabric

  • 021

    Sideways elastic fabric

  • 028

    Sideways elastic fabric

  • 107

    Lengthwise elastic fabric

  • 430

    Inelastic fabric

Tubular Bandages

5 million

square meters of fabrics


first sideways elastic fabric


first cohesive bandage