Bicolast® 671

Bi-elastic long-stretch compression bandage with blue centre line

Bicolast® 671 can be used for the treatment of chronic venous diseases and thromboembolic venous diseases as well as oedemas or other indications.

Moreover, it can be used as support and relief bandage in musculoskeletal injuries.


Unstretched lengthWidth
3 m10 cm
3.5 m8/10 cm
4 m10 cm
5 m10 cm

Material Composition

Approx. 52% cotton,

38% polyamide,

10% elastane


Warp direction approx. 130%

Weft direction approx. 70%



With coloured centre line


  • Easy application due to centre line as application aid
  • Very skin-friendly
  • Low wrinkling
  • Air-permeable
  • Bi-elastic
  • Corresponds to LPPR Standard (la liste des produits et prestations remboursables) Cat. V24, restraining force 3

    Intended use

    Long-stretch bandage to be used on intact skin (medical device)


      If, while using this product, you have any reason to assume that a serious event has occurred, please report the event to the manufacturer and your national authority.



      Please follow the instructions for use!
      Instruction for use long-stretch compression bandage

      • Disposal instructions for packaging

      • Medical Device

      • Unique Device Identification

      • Manufacturer

      • Catalogue Number

      • Batch code

      • Use-by date

      • CE marking

      • Consult instructions for use

      • Keep dry

      • Keep away from sunlight

      • Maximum washing temperature 60° C, normal wash cycle

      • Do not bleach

      • Do not tumble dry

      • Flat drying

      • Do not iron

      • Do not dry clean