Phlebology & Lymphology

Compression bandages for phlebology and lymphology therapy

KOB‘s bandages and solutions for compression therapy are used in Phlebology & Lymphology.
The product range includes single compression bandages and multi-layer systems to meet the different therapeutically needs as well as individual and regional user habits.

Therapy success with the greatest possible wearing comfort and minimal restriction of the patient‘s movement are focus of the KOB‘s product development. At least as important is a simple and functional application of the bandages and solutions for an easy and time-saving treatment.


Areas of application

  • Phlebology
  • Lymphology


  • Short- and long-stretch bandages
  • Zinc paste bandages
  • Multi-layer systems

Short- and long-stretch bandages

The effective KOB short-stretch bandages are made of washable and sterilisable cotton. The skin-friendly long-strech bandages are perfect for compression dressings.

Zinc-Paste bandages

The skin-friendly KOB zinc paste bandage can be moulded very easily and can stay on the affected extremities for up to severals days.

Multilayer Systems

The KOB range includes two-, three- and four-layer systems. The 2-component system consisting of a padding bandage and compression bandage is the new standard in compression therapy.



years of short stretch bandages from KOB


development of the zinc paste bandage

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