Rinkilastic® 184

The elastic self-adhesive fixation bandage with crepe-like surface

  • For non-slipping dressings that does not stick to the skin, hair or clothing
  • Free of chlorine, latex and acrylate
  • Odorless and skin friendly
  • Improved appearance due to higher degree of whiteness
  • Fast, comfortable and easy to apply
  • Air permeable and absorbent
  • Soft touch due to crepe-like surface

Rinkilastic® 184 is a self-adhesive, elastic fixation bandage free of latex. Its crepe-like surface makes it soft and comfortable. The bandage is with cut edges.

The product is air permeable, absorbent, odorless and skin friendly.

Dressings with Rinkilastic® 184 are non-slipping and non-sticking to the skin, hair or clothing. No latex or acrylate is used in the manufacturing process. The fast, efficient, comfortable and economic application of Rinkilastic® 184 does not require tape or clips to secure the ends.

Main use of Rinkilastic® 184 is the fixation of wound dressings, catheters, cannulas and cast splints whenever a cohesive and latex free fixation bandage is needed. Rinkilastic® 184 is also ideally suited for non-slipping fixation bandages on joints and permanently moving parts of the body – without limiting the range of motion.





Technical data

Material Composition.
40% cotton
30% viscose
30% polyamide

≥ 80%

Length          Width

4 m               4/6/8/10/12 cm
20 m             6/8/10 cm