Rapidelast® V 568

The elastic, smooth-surfaced fixation bandage in DIN 61634 quality

  • High elasticity allows for fast, easy application
  • High air permeability
  • Absorbent

Rapidelast®V 568 is an elastic fixation bandage with smooth surface and fast woven edges manufactured according to DIN 61634. 

Due to its good air permeability and absoption capacity, the bandage is very comfortable to wear.

Dressings with Rapidelast® V are non-slipping. Its high elasticity makes application fast and easy.

Main use of Rapidelast® V 568 is the fixation of e.g. compresses, cannulas and padding material – especially on sensitive skin. The product is also suitable as a fixation dressing on joints and permanently moving parts of the body – without limiting the range of motion.



Technical data

Material composition:
60% polyamide
40% viscose



Length          Width

4 m               6/8/10/12 cm