Rapidelast® Cohesive 186

The self-adhesive, elastic, smooth-surfaced fixation bandage

  • For non-slipping dressings not sticking to the skin, hair or clothing
  • Easy to apply 
  • Extra thin weave – light and comfortable

Rapidelast® Cohesive 186 is an elastic, smooth-surfaced fixation bandage with self adhesive finishing and cut edges.

The product is available in various colours. Woven particularly thin, the bandage is very light and comfortable for the patient.

Dressings with Rapidelast® Cohesive are non-slipping and non-sticking to the skin, hair or clothing. The fast, efficient, comfortable and economic application of Rapidelast® does not require tape or clips to secure the ends.

Main use of Rapidelast® Cohesive is the fixation e.g. of wound dressings, cannulas and padding material. Rapidelast® cohesive The product is also suitable for skin-friendly protection underneath dressings and as a light support bandage, e.g. for sprains and luxations – without limiting the range of motion.




Technical data

Material Composition:
40% cotton
60% polyamide


Latex-free synthetic polymer


Length          Width

4 m               6/8/10 cm
20 m             6/8/10 cm