Nowopress® 752 LF-T

The elastic, cohesive, universal bandage for fixation, support and compression

  • B.P. Standard 7505 class 3a
  • Tearable
  • non-woven and elastic
  • Non-slipping - easy to apply
  • Cohesive: does not stick to skin, hair or clothing
  • Cohesive glue is free of chlorine, latex and acrylate - skin-friendly

Nowopress® 752 LF-T is a light, cohesive, permanent-elastic bandage.  The latexfree coating is without risk for patients and applicants with latex allergies. The bandage is with cut edges.

The bandage is easy to apply - no tapes or clips are needed to secure the ends. This version has an improved optical appearance. Nowopress® 752 LF-T is available in various colours. The non-woven bandage meets the B.P. Standard 7505 class 3a. Nowopress® 752 LF-T is water repellent and odourless.

Main uses for this bandage are non-slipping fixation, support and relief dressings of all types, especially on joints. Nowopress® is also well suited as compression bandage. It can be used universally for sports injuries and is ideally suited for applications combined with taping.



Technical Data

Material composition:
84% polypropylene
16% elastane

approx. 150%

Latex free synthetic polymer


Length          Width

4.5 m             2,5/5/7,6/10/15 cm