Medirip® M 199

The cohesive, support and compression bandage

  • A non-slipping bandage that won’t stick to the skin, hair or clothing
  • Easy to apply
  • Highly economic due to transversal tearability

Medirip® M 199 is a cohesive support bandage with compression performance. It is air permeable and absorbent. The bandage is with cut edges.

Dressings with Medirip® M 199 are easy to apply and non-slipping without sticking to the patient’s skin, hair, or clothing. No tape or clips are needed to secure the ends of this product. Thanks to a special finishing process, this bandage can be torn in the transversal direction. This makes Medirip® M 199 extremely economic, as you’ll never use more than actually needed – just keep the rest for next time.

The latexfree coating is without risk for patients and applicants with latex allergies. This version is skin-friendly and odourless.

Main uses for this product are non-slip supportive and relief dressings on joints as well as round body parts. Medirip® M 199 is also suitable as relief bandage in the aftercare of fractures and as light compression bandage. Athletes use Medirip® M 199 as support bandage and for preventative taping.



Technical data

Material Composition:
99% cotton
1% elastane


Latex free synthetic polymer



4.5 m



4/5/6/7.6/8/10/12 cm


flesh-coloured, white