Hospicrepe® M 239

The cotton elastic crepe bandage

  • Excellent skin tolerance and high comfort
  • Highly air permeable, absorbent
  • With non-fraying feather edges
  • washable

Hospicrepe® M 239 is a cotton elastic crepe bandage for both light support dressings and relief dressings. It is made of pure cotton with non-fraying feather edges. Hospicrepe® M 239 is repeatedly washable.

Dressings with Hospicrepe® M 239 are not only non-slipping and air permeable, but also extremely skin-friendly and comfortable.

Main uses for this product are strong fixation dressings. Hospicrepe® M 239 is also perfectly suited as support and relief bandage.




Technical data

Material composition:
100% cotton



Length          Width

4.5 m            5/8/10/15 cm


white bleached