CEB® Ideal Cohesive 104

The cohesive, cotton elastic bandage

  • A non-slipping bandage that does not stick to the skin, hair or clothing
  • Perfect for long-term dressings

CEB® Ideal Cohesive 104 is a cotton elastic, cohesive bandage with short stretch. The bandage is with cut edges.

Absorbent and permeable to air, it is ideally suited for long-term dressings. The latexfree coating is without risk for patients and applicants with latex allergies. This version is skin-friendly and odourless.

Dressings with CEB® Ideal Cohesive are easy to apply and non-slipping without sticking to the patient’s skin, hair or clothing. No tape or clips are needed to secure the ends of this product. 

Main uses for this KOB bandage are support dressings after distortions, dislocations as well as tendon or muscle injuries. Moreover, CEB® Ideal Cohesive is perfectly suited for compression dressings after varicose vein surgeries, prophylactic dressings to prevent thrombosis, and long-term dressings – e.g. for thorax injuries or light spinal fractures.



Technical Data

Material composition
100% cotton


Latex free synthetic polymer


Length          Width

5 m               6/8/10 cm