Brawoplast® 820

The adhesive bandage with lenghtwise elasticity

  • Fits securely due to strong, immediate and lasting adhesion
  • non-slipping
  • Support and relief with high working pressure and low pressure at rest
  • Coloured centre line

Brawoplast® 820 is an adhesive bandage with 70 percent lengthwise extensibility and cutting edges. Made of pure cotton. The coloured centre line is a good aid for an easy application of the bandage.

Dressing with Brawoplast® 820 boast a very secure dit due to the strong immediate and lasting adhesion, which makes this bandage ideally suited as reliable permanent dressing. Brawoplast® 820 offers high support and relief performance with high working pressure and low pressure at rest.

Main uses for this product are compressing relief bandages in orthopeadics and sports medicine. Our durable 820 is also suited as reliable elastic dressing ´. It perfectly protects joints and muscles during intensive rehabilitation workouts, and can be used in the treatment of contusions and distortions.



Technical Data

Material composition:
100% cotton


Latex-free synthetic polymer




Length          Width

4,5 m          7.5,10 cm