752 Sporty Cool Blue

The non-woven cooling bandage

  • Cooling and compression for up to two hours
  • Coloured version
  • No tape or clips are needed to secure the ends of this product

Sporty Cool Blue 752 is a light, cohesive, permanently elastic non-woven bandage which is impregnated with a cooling fluid. The latex-free coating represents no risk for patients and users with latex allergy. The bandage is easy to apply – no tapes or clips are needed to secure the ends.

For an effective application, two to three layer overlaps are enough. The rest of the product can be conveniently stored in the closed box until required for the next application.

 Thanks to the immediate cooling effect, which can last up to two hours, and the additional compression effect, it prevents excessive swelling and is well-suited as first aid treatment.

Main uses for this bandage are first aid dressings after blunt injuries like strains, sprains, bruises and swellings.

Technical Data

Material composition:
84% polypropylene
16% elastane
Cooling fluid

approx. 150%

Latex free synthetic polymer


Length          Width

4.5 m             8 cm