Permanent elastic fixation and support bandage

  • Adapts easily to body contours
  • Air permeable

374 is a permanent elastic fixation and support bandage with fast woven edges.

Dressings with this bandage are particularly light and skin-friendly. The bandage is very comfortable to wear. Dressings can be easily applied. They fit the contours of the body perfectly.

Main uses for this product are fixation dressings, support and relief dressings.
It is ideally suited for fixation of wound pad material, cannulas and padding material.
The product can be used for support and relief dressings after blunt injuries or sport injuries for the stabilization of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.




Technical data

Material composition:
88,5% viscose
8% polyamid
3,5% elastane



Length          Width

9 m            5/7/8/9 cm


white bleached