The cohesive, permanent elastic support bandage

  • A non-slipping bandage that does not stick to the skin, hair or clothing
  • Air permeable

136 is a cohesive permanent elastic bandage with cut edges.

The latex free coating represents no risk for patients and applicants with latex allergies. It is skin-friendly and odourless. Dressings with the bandage 136 are absorbent and air permeable.

The 136 cohesive is easy to apply and non-slipping. It does not stick to the patient´s skin, hair or clothing. No tape or clips are needed to secure the ends.

Main uses for this bandage are light support, relief and compression dressings.
The bandage is used as a support dressing after distortions, dislocations as well as tendon or muscle injuries. It is also used as a relief dressing  in the aftercare of fractures and sport injuries. Moreover, 136 cohesive is perfectly suited for light compression dressings.

Technical Data

Material composition
93% cotton
5% polyamide
2% elastane


Latex free synthetic polymer


Length          Width

4 m               4/6/8/10/12 cm


white, red, blue