Roselastic 530

The strong, cotton elastic compression bandage with short stretch

  • Very skin-friendly, air permeable and highly absorbent
  • Sterilisable*, washable
  • Low resting pressure and intense working pressure
  • High Stiffness

Roselastic® 530 is a strong, cotton elastic short stretch bandage with approximately 90 percent extensibility. It is made of 100 percent cotton with fast woven edges. Roselastic is washable and sterilisable*. The extremely skin-friendly compression bandage is air permeable and absorbent.

It is also perfectly suited for permanent dressings.

Dressings with Roselastic allow for compression therapy treatments with low resting pressure and high working pressure. Once the ends are secured, Roselastic ensures safe compression dressings.

Main uses for this KOB product are in compression therapy, where it is used for strong compression and support dressings of all types. Roselastic® 530 is also used as relief, support and joint bandage for sprains, dislocations, strains and tendovaginitis.


* Method should be aligned with KOB

Roselastic 530 - product data sheet

Technical Data

Material composition:
100% cotton

≥ 90%


Length          Width

4 m                6/8/10/12 cm
5 m                6/8/10/12 cm
7 m                6/8/10/12 cm
10 m              6/8/10/12 cm