Polycompress 547

The ultra-short stretch bandage for very high dynamic compression

  • Skin-friendly and air permeable
  • Sterilisable*, washable
  • High working and low resting pressure
  • Very high stiffness

Polycompress 547 is a permanent elastic ultra-short stretch bandage with fast woven edges and approximately 40 percent extensibility. The skin-friendly compression bandage is air permeable and absorbent. It can be washed and is perfectly suited for permanent dressings.

Dressings with Polycompress allow for compression therapy dressing with low resting pressure and high working pressure. Once the ends are secured, Polycompress ensures safe compression dressings thanks to its very short stretch characteristics.

Main uses for this product are in compression therapy following varicose vein sclerotherapy, acute and chronic obstruction edema and thrombophlebitis. Polycompress is also used as a support or relief bandage for musculoskeletal injuries.


* Method should be aligned with KOB



Technical Data

Material composition:
66% cotton
34% polyamide



Length          Width

5 m             6/8/10/12 cm