Padding Bandage 760

The comfortable soft and absorbent padding bandage

  • Light compression effect
  • High waering comfort
  • High absorbtion capacity
  • Sterilisable*
  • Latex-free

The Padding bandage is a white, soft and drapable compressive bandage characterized by its high capacity to absorb fluids, like exudate and sweat.The bandage meets British Standart 7505 class 2.

Can be used as an inner layer of a multi-layer compression system or for individual usage, specially for lymphatic compression.


* Method should be aligned with KOB

Technical Data

Material composition:
60% cotton
36% viscose
3% polyamide
1% polyurethan

approx. 65%


Length          Width

6.5 m             10/12 cm
7.5 m             10/12 cm