Elastic Zinc Paste Bandage 306

The semi-rigid compression bandage with low resting pressure and high working pressure

  • Non-slipping - easy to apply
  • Latex-free coating

Because of its excellent mouldability the elastic zinc paste bandage 306 conforms to any anatomy and stays securely in place. The coating of the bandage is not made with natural rubber latex. It is comfortable to wear due to the skin-friendly zinc paste. The plastic core design allows very quick and even bandaging.

Elastic zinc paste bandage 306 offers innovative features which makes them quick and easy to use and a better choice for all patients. The bandage is also economic because after application it can stay applied for several days.

Main uses for this KOB product are a semi-rigid compression dressings with low resting pressure and high working pressure in the phlebology e.g. ulcera in a healing phase, chronical venous insufficiency, thrombophlebitis treatment of oedema, phlebothrombosis. It is also well suited during a post-treatment of fractures as support bandage as well as for relief after luxations and distortions.



Technical Data

Material composition:
70% viscose
30% polyamide

approx. 60%

Zinc-Paste mass based on zinc oxide, castor oil and calamine


Length          Width

5 m               8/10/12/20 cm
7 m               8/10/12/20 cm
9.15 m          8/10/12/20 cm
10 m             8/10/12/20 cm


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