Durelastic® 659

The permanent elastic, long-stretch bandage with coloured centre line for light compression

  • High percentage of natural fibres – high skin tolerance
  • Absorbent and air permeable
  • Sterilisable* and washable
  • BSI 7505 Type 3A

Durelastic® 659 is a permanent elastic, soft long-stretch bandage made of viscose, polyamide, and polyurethane. It boasts with fast woven edges and sealed ends. Durelastic® 659 is sterilisable* and washable. The coloured centre line is a good aid for an easy application of the bandage.

Dressings with Durelastic® 659 are absorbent, air permeable and offer good skin tolerance due to the material’s high percentage of natural fibres. With its high lengthwise extensibility of approximately 180 percent Durelastic® 659 is perfect for a wide range of functional dressing applications.

Main uses for this KOB product are compression dressings of all types, e.g. in the treatment of venous diseases. In the treatment of venous diseases of the legs, Durelastic 659 is also suitable for multilayer compression dressings. Durelastic® 659 is also used as support or relief bandage, in the aftercare of fractures, as prophylaxis to prevent sports or work related injuries, and in the treatment of contusions, distortions, and dislocations.


* Method should be aligned with KOB



Technical data

Material composition:
84% viscose
11.5% polyamide
4% elastane
0.5% cotton



Length          Width

6 m               10 cm
8.7 m            10 cm