2-layer-system consisting of padding bandage 760 and Nowopress® 752

The 2-layer-system for compression

  • Provides therapeutically necessary compression pressure for up to seven days
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Absorbent
  • Soft
  • Anti-slip effect

The 2-layer-system consists of two different bandages: The first layer is a white padding bandage 760, meeting British Standard 7505 class 2; the second layer is a light, cohesive long-stretch compression bandage Nowopress® 752, meeting British Standard 7505 class 3a.

Main uses of the 2-layer-system are compression bandages in phlebology, e.g. for venous leg ulcers, chronic venous insufficiency, thrombophlebitis, treatment of oedema, phlebothrombosis.

Technical Data

Material Composition:
760 padding bandage:
Approx. 60% cotton, 36% viscose, 3% polyamide, 1% elastane

752 Nowopress®:
Approx. 84% polypropylene, 16% elastane

Technical Data

760 padding bandage:
Approx. 65%

752 Nowopress®:
Approx. 160%


Coating outer layer: 
752 Nowopress®:
Synthetic polymer


Stretched length

6.5, 7.5 m     



10/12 cm


760 padding bandage: White

752 Nowopress®: flesh-coloured