2-Layer Compression Bandage System (760 Padding bandage / 752 LF Nowopress®)

The innovative 2-Layer bandage system

  • Provides therapeutic compression for up to 7 day
  • High wearing comfort
  • High absorption capacity
  • Sterilisable*
  • Latex-free

2-Layer Compression Bandage System consists of two different latex-free roll bandages; the first white padded compressive bandage 760 is comfortably soft and is used as the inner padding layer. The bandage meets British Standard 7505 class 2.

The second bandage 752 LF is a light, cohesive, permanent elastic bandage with approx. 150 % extensibility.

The non-woven bandage meets British Standard 7505 class 3a.

The compression system has been developed for the management of venous leg ulcers and related conditions and provides therapeutic compression for up to 7 days.


* Method should be aligned with KOB





Technical Data

Material Composition:
Inner layer:  60% cotton, 36% viscose, 3% polyamid, 1% polyurethan
Outer layer:  84% polypropylene, 16% elastane

approx. 65% (Inner layer)
approx. 150% (Outer layer)

Coating outer layer: 
Latex-free synthetic polymer


Length          Width

6.5 m            10/12 cm
7.5 m            10/12 cm


white (inner layer), flesh-coloured (outer layer)