2-Component System (754 Padding bandage / 752 LF Nowopress®)

The innovative 2-Component-System

  • Provides therapeutic compression for up to 7 day
  • Optimum pressure distribution and prevention of pressure points
  • Has an extensibility limiter, which means the restoring force is reduced
  • Extremely pleasant on the skin
  • Very good layer adhesion
  • Excellent wear properties
  • Anti-slip effect
  • Latex-free

2-Component-System consists of two different latex-free bandages; the first, single-sided cohesive coated elastic bandage serves as a padding layer. It distributes the pressure of the outer layer evenly along the leg to ensure the required compression pressure and prevent constriction if the layers overlap.

The second layer 752 is a cohesive, permanently elastic bandage, which, thanks to its material
properties, retains the compressive effect over several days when used in combination
with the first component. Its cohesive, latex-free coating prevents slipping: the bandage adheres to itself or the padding bandage – and not to the skin, hair or clothing.

The compression force of the system is similar to the compression classification 3C of British Standard BS 7505-1995.

The compression system has been developed for the management of venous leg ulcers and related conditions and provides therapeutic compression for up to 7 days.

Technical Data

Material Composition:
Inner layer: 60% cotton, 36% viscose, 3% polyamid, 1% polyurethan
Outer layer: 84% polypropylene, 16% elastane

approx. 65% (Inner layer)
approx. 150% (Outer layer)

Inner layer/Outer layer: latex-free synthetic polymer


Inner Layer:
10 cm width, 6,5 m stretched length

Outer Layer:
10 cm, 8,2 m stretched length      


white (inner layer), flesh-coloured (outer layer)