The colourful diversity of a versatile bandage:

Coloured bandages are especially popular with children, in sport and veterinary medicine. Nowopress® soft 755 from KOB is setting new standards in terms of colour and functionality.

Nowopress® soft 755 is a universal bandage and is suitable for support, fixation and compression, especially for sports injuries, preventive support and for applications in veterinary medicine.   


Soft, softer... Nowopress® soft 755

In user tests, Nowopress®soft 755 was perceived as very soft by 85% of users.
In addition, the mouldability was rated excellent by 70% of test persons.
The odour of the bandage was also graded positively: 92% considered it to be pleasant.

Nowopress® soft 755

Now available in eight colours:

Pink, red, white, light green, light blue, purple, black, brown 

The 755 is:

  • easy to apply
  • elastic
  • latex-free* cohesive coating
  • tearable
  • skin-friendly
  • water repellent


* Latex-free product not intentionally made with natural rubber latex.



Technical Data:

  • Material composition: 85% polypropylene, 15% elastan
  • Extensibility: approx. 150%
  • Coating: Latex-free*
  • Length: 4.5 m
  • Widths (all colours):
    2.5 cm
    5 cm
    7.6 cm
    10 cm
    15 cm

The colourful diversity of Nowopress® soft 755

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