Innovation is a KOB tradition

KOB has an active culture of innovation for more than 110 years and more than than 50 patents including market-changing innovations like the first cohesive bandage and the first latex-free bandage.
More than 35 employees are responsible for innovation and development.

The product management is responsible for more than five product launches every year. They all have an extensive involvement in textile associations and networks as well as close cooperations with universities and scientific institutions.


Discover the latest innovations of KOB like the 2-Component-System, the cooling bandage Sporty Cool Blue or the lengthwise and sideways elastic tubular bandage EasyTube.


Stand: 19.04.2017

2012: Latex free bandages

KOB has switched all bandages consistently to latexfree coating.

2015: 2-Layer in compression therapy

The new standard in layer systems. 

2016: Sporty Cool Blue

The Sporty Cool Blue from KOB  provides twice as much help, because it provides both cooling and compression.

2017: Nowopress®soft 755

The colourful diversity of a versatile bandage.