Entering the age of globalisation with a vision: KOB India

It was early on that KOB found a way of actively facing the challenges of the global market: In 1998 we set up KOB Medical Textiles PVT. Ltd in Coimbatore in Southern India, which has been growing ever since and which, these days, employs almost 500 people.

We use our base in Coimbatore above all to make high-volume products the manufacturing of which would no longer be profitable in Germany.

We are pleased to produce high quality elastic bandages at a competitive price level. With our manufacturing capabilities in India we are perfectly positioned to promote global standards while maintaining cost relevance in local markets. We believe that India will be the destination of choice for quality health care in the future. Therefore we continue to innovate new products for our customers and invest in people who share our ideas. 

Coimbatore in the region of Tamil Nadu

Intertek confirms:

• Fair wages

• No child labour

• No discrimination

• Compliance with health and safety standards

• Exemplary environmental record

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Indian production in line with German standards

On-site temple

Donated by Dr. Felix Fremerey of PAUL HARTMANN AG, Germany